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Frequently Asked Questions

What programs are offered by the league?

Fox Valley Pop Warner strictly offers football.  Though we are affiliated with the national Pop Warner organization, we do not compete in their post season playoffs and do not offer their cheer program.  

For football, there is a tackle program and then also a Challenger League program for children with special needs.

This website primarily has information related to the tackle football program.

For information related to the Challenger League, please contact our league telephone available HERE.

Will coaches be "Heads Up" certified?

Yes!  As in past seasons, Fox Valley Pop Warner is enrolled in the Heads Up Football program, directed by USA Football, and has Player Safety Coaches.  

All of our head and assistant coaches are Heads Up certified before taking the field.

Learn more about USA Football and their Heads Up program by clicking <<<HERE>>>.

Where can I get information on sports injuries?

Protect the ones you love from sports injuries.

A concussion can happen anywhere. On the sports field, at the park, or even at home.

Get familiar with available resources, trainings, and videos, as well as new sports-specific safety tips through the Fox Valley Pop Warner Football microsite which connects to the latest information from the CDC.  It includes links to popular resources, trainings, and videos, as well as new sports-specific safety tips.

Click <<<HERE>>> to access the information.

How can I reset my password?

You will be able to recover your usernames and reset your own passwords through this system. 

Please click HERE to view a helpful post from our online service provider on how to reset your password and to determine your username.

How do I change my primary email address or add a secondary email to my account?

You will be able to update the primary e-mail address associated with your membership account and add or remove secondary e-mail addresses through this system.

Please click HERE to view a helpful post from our online service provider on how to perform this step.

Player Eligibility

To be eligible for the 2018 Fox Valley Pop Warner season, players must meet the following criteria:

1. Be in good standing with the league
2. Be entering grades 3 through 7 in the upcoming fall semester (2018-2019 school year).
3. Be within the acceptable weight ranges established for each of these grades by the first scheduled game (September) as shown in the following table.

Acceptable Player Weights
 Grade (2018-19 school year)   Pounds 
 3rd   45 - 115 
 4th   50 - 125 
 5th   55 - 145 
 6th   No Restrictions 
 7th   No Restrictions 


Players outside of weight range within their respective divisions are not eligible and will not be permitted to play.

Players entering grade 8 are NOT ELIGIBLE for this program and are encouraged to participate in their middle school programs.

4. Players are required to have a FVPW medical release form signed by a medical Physician, registered Physician's assistant or Nurse Practitioner stating that the participant is physically fit with no observable conditions that would prevent the child from playing football.

5. Players must review, understand and agree to abide by the FVPW Player's Code of Conduct.

Fox Valley Pop Warner reserves the rights of final decision on a player's eligibility; and final determination on division and team placement.



How do I register a player?

Registration is done electronically online within this website.  

Registration typically opens on Super Bowl Sunday and remains open through April 15 and standard registration fees.

Waitlist registrations are accepted after April 15 through this same process.

Look for the player registration logo and click there for the registration link.

Registration Requires an Account

To register online, you must:

1. Use an existing or create a new SportNgin online account
2. Activate any newly created SportNgin online account by accessing the e-mail associated with the account and providing a confirmation linking the account to the e-mail

Click HERE if you would like information on how to create this account through SportNgin, our online service provider.  You cannot proceed with online registration without one.

Click HERE if you have an existing SportNgin account but forgot the password.

Click HERE the see the SportNgin membership guide if you have other questions related to the management of your SportNgin account.

Accepted Payment Methods

Completing registration through our secure site will require a form of electronic payment. (e.g. credit, debit, PayPal, or bank account transfer)

Our preferred methods of online payment are: 1) credit or debit card transactions through Visa, MasterCard, or Discover; 2) PayPal; and 3) bank account transfers. ***

*** To serve those without credit or bank accounts, we do accept prepaid debit cards which are available for a small fee from many local merchants.  (e.g. Copps, Shopko, Walgreens).  If you choose this form of payment, we ask that you hold this card in the event that a refund would eventually be requested. ***

*** Should electronic payment still be an issue we request that you contact us via the information listed in the "Questions" section below. ***

What football sizes are used for each of the divisions?

Midget (7th grade) - Wilson TDY Composite

Jr. Midget (6th grade) - Wilson TDY Composite

Pee Wee (5th grade) - Wilson TDJ Composite

Jr. Pee Wee (4th grade) - Wilson TDJ Composite

Mitey-Mite ( 3rd grade) - Wilson K2 Composite

How are players assigned to divisions and teams?

There are no player tryouts or drafts for team selections.  Players are assigned to teams according to grade, weight, and location.  They will not be cut, provided they maintain good league standing.  

Team rosters can vary from year to year due to registration numbers.

Team assignments should be finalized by July 1.

Teams will be assigned based on registration numbers. 

What equipment is provided to players?

Players are issued the following equipment for use during the season: helmet, soft shell chin strap, shoulder pads, hip and tail pads, knee and thigh pads, game/practice pants, practice jersey and game jersey.  This equipment must be returned at the end of the season.

In addition to the above, players will be issued one moldable mouth guard at no cost. 

Players will need to provide their own cleats.

When and where are practices held?

Team practices can generally be held as early as the third week before labor day. In 2018, expect practices to start no sooner than August 13.

Head coaches will contact players to notify them of team assignment and will traditionally hold a team meeting on the date team equipment is issued.  Then, if not sooner, team practice sites and schedules will be confirmed and you will have to opportunity to share schedule conflicts that the team should be aware of.

Team practices are normally held at locations as near as possible to the players home address.  However, some players will have further to travel for practices than others.  Practice schedules are established by the coaches to best fit the needs and availability of the team but these are generally held during weeknights prior to and during the season.  Practice frequency, duration, and drills will vary depending upon division.

BEFORE LABOR DAY - Practices are limited to a maximum of 6 to 8 hours per week (depending on the grade Division) and no more than 2 hours per day.  No practices on weekends.

AFTER LABOR DAY - Practices are limited to a maximum of 4 to 6 hours per week (depending on the grade Division) and no more than 2 hours per day.

It is suggested that no practices be held on Wednesday nights after Labor Day.

When and where are games played?

Games are played primarily on Saturdays at the Fox Valley Pop Warner fields inside Plamann Park starting the first Saturday after Labor Day.

Click HERE to view an online map of the location.

2018 Season: Sept. 8 - Oct 13

Once set, the gameday schedules will be available from within the gameday page.  Click HERE for more gameday information.

Who do I contact to become a sponsor of Fox Valley Pop Warner?

Call 920-738-1948 for sponsorship details.

I am interested in making a charitable gift to Fox Valley Pop Warner. Who do I contact?

Call 920-738-1948 for information regarding the greatest needs of the organization and information necessary to direct your charitable gift.

Health and Safety

Each season, before a player can practice, they must first be cleared by their physician through part II of the PHYSICAL FITNESS & MEDICAL HISTORY FORM available for download on the Forms and Docs page within this website.

The completed form should be provided to your assigned head coach by the first practice date.  Do NOT mail this form to the league.

Rostering & Waitlists

Players are registered on a first-come first-serve basis beginning on Superbowl Sunday as long as openings exist.

Players registered after April 15 will be charged a $25 late fee

Players may be placed onto a waitlist until openings become available.  The league will make reasonable efforts to place waitlisted players onto teams, where possible.  Refunds will be issued for any waitlisted players if they are not placed on a team.


Registration fees are based on the time of registration as shown below.  A family discount is offered to immediate families who have more than 1 player in the program.

   By April 15   After April 15 
Registration Fees
 First Player   $ 75   $ 100 
 Additional Player(s)   $ 50   $ 75 


Player fees will be calculated at checkout and the discount for the additional player(s) will be calculated there but only if all player registrations are included the shopping cart.  After completing the registration information for a player, look for the "Register Another Player" link to provide information for the second. Failure to do so would result in a forfeiture of your family's additional player(s) discounted rate.

$75 max per player. That's it! No association fees. No travel costs. No excessive fund raisers.

Participation in the fundraising and volunteer programs is required.

Refund Policy

All requests for refunds must be made in writing and mailed to:

          Fox Valley Pop Warner
          P.O. Box 943
          Appleton, WI 54912-0943

All requests must be sent in the mail and must be postmarked no later than June 1st to be eligible for any refund.

Please be sure to include the name of the registered player in your request as well as the reason for your request.

All refunds are subject to an administrative charge of $25 which will be withheld.

                               Note:  No Refunds will be granted after June 1
 Authorized refunds will be made by check and issued through USPS mail.

Financial Assistance

No potential player will be turned away due to lack of funds. Financial assistance is available for those in need.  If you feel this applies to you, call 920-738-1948 for further information on application requirements in advance of completing a registration.

Financial assistance can only be provided in advance of a registration submittal.

Fundraising Program Requirement

All players will be expected to participate in the Schedule Raffle fundraiser sale OR choose the optional fundraiser buyout.  Late fees apply.  

Only the buyout option will result in additional fees at registration checkout.  The cost of this program option is as follows.

 Fundraising Sale   Buyout    Buyout Late Fee
 (added after April 15) 
Fundraiser Program Options
 $ 0  $ 75  $ 25


For more details on the fundraiser sales program click HERE.

Be sure that you understand the fundraising program before proceeding through the registration.  This is separate from the Volunteer Service Hours requirement.  Within the registration process you will be asked to choose to participate in the fundraising sale OR purchase the buy-out option.

Volunteer Program Service Hour Requirement

All player families will be expected to participate in the volunteer service hours program OR choose the optional volunteer buyout. Late fees apply.

Only the buyout option will result in additional fees at registration checkout.  These cost of this program option is as follows.

 Volunteer Program   Buyout   Buyout Late Fee
 (added after April 15)  
Volunteer Program Options
 $ 0   $ 75   $ 25 


Expect volunteer opportunities to be available for you to claim in July.  This delay is necessary to ensure that you know your player's game, photo, and equipment schedules so that your volunteer assignments don't conflict with the player schedules.  Look to hear information specific to player schedules from your coach and information on volunteer opportunities from your team volunteer coordinator in July, then be prepared to make your claim on a volunteer slot.

For now, be sure that you note the SportNgin member account (associated to your e-mail) and the member account password since that will be needed to make the volunteer claim and also to register again for the following season.  

Be sure that you understand the volunteer service hours requirements before proceeding through the registration.  This is separate from the candy bar sales fundraising requirement. Within the registration process you will be asked to choose to participate in the volunteer program OR purchase the volunteer buy-out option.

For more details on the volunteer program click HERE.

Merchandise Options

For your convenience, we offer FVPW merchandise to you as part of registration. This merchandise will be available for pickup when your player is issued equipment with their team beginning in late July.

These items will also be offered as options available through the fundraising candy sale program. These items will also be available for purchase from the concession stand on gamedays, however sizes available on gamedays will be limited to what's on hand.

Merchandise Options
 T-Shirt   $ 12 
 Window Decal   $ 5 


Coaching Qualifications & Requirements

To be eligible for any Fox Valley Pop Warner season, coaches must meet the following criteria:

1. Be in good standing with the league
2. Meet minimum age requirements: Head Coach (21); Assistant Coach (18)
3. Review, understand and abide by FVPW Code of Conduct
4. Be currently certified or agree to obtain certifications listed below by position

Coaching Qualifications & Requirements
   Head Coach*   Assistant Coach 
 USA Football Coaching Cert.   Current Certification   Current Certification 
 FVPW Heads Up Coaches Clinic   Attendance Required   Attendance Recommended 
 Team Parents Safety Meeting   Conduct   Participate
 First Aid Certification   Current Certification   Recommended 
 Positive Coaching Alliance   Current Certification   Current Certification 

*Additionally, some league experience is preferred to coach in the upper divisions.

5. All coaches (including assistant coaches) must complete coach application online each year.

6. All coaches must complete a background check.

7. Head Coaches must be willing and able to accept the responsibility of controlling actions of his staff, player and parents.

All coaches are subject to final approval by Fox Valley Pop Warner.



Mandatory Background Checks

Regardless of qualifications, all coaching candidate (Head & Assistants) and all board/committee member applicants must complete and pass the mandatory background checks before being considered for any position.

No confidential data submitted during the application process is maintained by Fox Valley Pop Warner or our web hosting providers. 

All background check results are kept confidential.

How do I apply to be a coach?

To be eligible for any Fox Valley Pop Warner season, coaches must meet the following criteria:​

1. Submit an annual mandatory online COACHES APPLICATION
2. Complete and pass an annual mandatory background check (information will be provided to candidates of interest)

If you have a child in the program, please also express your interest in coaching as a volunteer interest as you register your player.  Selection committees reference this within the player registrations to identify interested candidates.

Selected candidates will need to complete USA Football certifications to coach in any capacity.

Head Coach Selection Process

The FVPW coaching committee will review all coaching applications, make their initial selections for the head coach openings and then connect these candidates with an independent 3rd party service to perform the required background check.

Selected candidates who pass the background check will be named as head coaches and will be provided with the names of assistant coach and team manager candidates based on the volunteer interests expressed through the player registration process and the remaining coaching volunteer applicant pool.

Approved head coaches will receive non-transferable badges needed for preferred gameday parking and sideline access.

Assistants (Coaches & Team Managers) Selection Process

The selected head coaches will submit their assistant coach and team manager selections to the coaching committee who will review the candidate list and connect approved candidates with an independent 3rd party service to perform the required background check.

The coaching committee will approve the selected candidates who have completed the online application and pass the mandatory background check will be named as assistant coaches and/or team manager within their respective teams.

Approved assistant coaches and managers will receive non-transferable badges needed for preferred gameday parking and sideline access.

I am interested in volunteering with the program in other capacities. What areas might need my help and who do I contact?

Fox Valley Pop Warner is always looking for talented and motivated volunteers to run the program. Concessions, fundraising, facilities, and gameday operations are examples of areas that depend upon the passion and skills of volunteer leaders to function properly. 

Please consider becoming involved volunteering your time assisting with one of our committees.

Call 920-738-1948 to get connected with our team to learn more on the many other opportunities our league has to offer.

How do I claim a volunteer opportunity (A.K.A. DIBS Item)?

If you are not yet logged into the web site, click on the login at the top left of the page your unique member id and password.  You will see your username in the upper left corner when you are successfully logged in.

Click on the DIBS button off the site navigation bar. - OR - Click on the drop down arrow next to your username. Select Dibs from the menu list

Select the “2016 – Volunteer Service Hours” DIBS session to view the available volunteer opportunities (DIBS Items).

Use the filter selections (ex. Category=Equipment) and press “Filter Dib Items” to narrow the list of available volunteer opportunities (Dib Items).

**NOTE*** Only available DIBS items will be displayed.  Those that are already claimed will not be visible to you.

Click on the Dib Item (Ex. “Equipment Issue – Player”) to view more information on this volunteer opportunity as shown below.  To claim this volunteer opportunity, click on “CLAIM THIS DIB ITEM”. NOTE: When claiming any gameday assignment, be sure to reference the game schedules to ensure it will not conflict with the need to get your players to/from their games.

Enter player name, volunteer name, and volunteer telephone number then click “Claim Dib Item”.  *** All players connected to your login id will be available for selection within the “Claim Dib Item on Behalf of” list.

Successful claims will be confirmed on the following screen as shown below.  E-mail confirmations and reminders will also be sent through the system.

***NOTE*** When a you claim a Dib Item (shift), an Admin from the organization must grant completion of the item for you before your account receives the credit value.  Be sure to sign in/out at the volunteer event when you provide your service hours so we can grant you with these credits.

Park Ordinances

Outagamie County's Plamann Park hosts the Fox Valley Pop Warner facilities and it is important that we observe the restriction on domestic animals.

The county does have a dog park.

Click the link below for all park ordinances.

Park Ordinances

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